NAAPE Partner Organizations & Periodicals

NAAPE is committed to furthering scholarship in philosophy and education within educational research, the field of philosophy, and the K-12 teaching community. Our aim is to work alongside and support the goals of other organizations in their pursuit of the advancement of philosophy and education. This includes philosophy of education organizations in North America and around the world, periodicals that focus on questions of philosophical and educational importance, as well as K-12 teachers who are interested in the philosophical dimensions of teaching. To this end NAAPE has established several key partnerships to continue to grow and enrich the field.

NAAPE is a partner of the the Society for Values in Higher Education. SVHE is a fellowship of teachers and others who care deeply about ethical issues—such as integrity, diversity, social justice and civic responsibility—facing higher education and the wider society. SVHE supports study, reflection, discussion, and action on these issues in higher education contexts. They pursue these activities through publications, projects, regional gatherings, and an annual national meeting.


NAAPE is in close partnership with the journal on_education. On_education is an innovative open-access journal which publishes papers tri-yearly at the intersection of philosophy and education. The journal operates on an invitation only model, publishing short, relevant and philosophically rich pieces on topics of special concern for contemporary education. The topic of their first edition was “Civic Education in the Age of Trump.” As a part of this partnership, conference attendees may be invited to submit their conference papers to on_education.

Another important partner of NAAPE is The Point Magazine. The Point is a print and digital magazine of philosophical writing that promotes humanistic thinking which has relevance for contemporary life. The Point encourages its readers to participate in a dialogue between diverse intellectual traditions so as to live an examined life. The Point attends the NAAPE conferences and is especially interested to solicit magazine publications from conference attendees whose papers are of particularly broad appeal.