NAAPE Executive Committee

Drew Chambers

Harvard University | Graduate Student

John Fantuzzo

Valparaiso University

Madeline Hazel

Wheaton Academy | K-12 Educator

Sheron Fraser-Burgess

Ball State University

Kevin Gary

Valparaiso University


Givanni Illdefonso

LaGuardia Community College

Katherine Jo

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign | Graduate Student

Mark Jonas

Wheaton College

Yoshiaki Nakazawa

Valparaiso University


Gonzalo Obelleiro

DePaul University


Shannon Robinson

Ohio State University | Graduate Student

Douglas Yacek

Leibniz University Hanover

Hospitality Coordinators

Our hospitality coordinators are committed to providing support at the annual conference for ensuring that you have a comfortable and professional conference experience at our annual conference. In particular, the hospitality coordinators conduct shuttle services, support presentation technology, provide USML tours, and provide many other services. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions relating to the conference.


Matthew Farrelly

University of Wisconsin-Madison