The Center for Ethics and Education | Up to $40,000 Research Grant in Philosophy and Education

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The Center for Education and Ethics announces a new grant program. The Center will make awards of up to $40,000 for research projects in philosophy as it relates to educational policy and practice. We encourage applicants to understand educational policy and practice in broad terms, including issues that directly relate to K-12 schools and higher education institutions, but also concerning policies that influence children’s growth and development in the family and other institutions. We also encourage diverse kinds of philosophical research ranging from the highly abstract to the highly applied. Proposals might concern any of the following topics:

  • the proper content of moral education and of the rights of parents to choose its content

  • the place of religion in schools

  • justice and efficiency in the allocation of public funds across schools and school districts

  • the content of the curriculum

  • the commercialization of schools and childhoods generally

  • the obligations to students with special educational needs

  • the proper content of sex education in particular and “education for living” more generally (concerning e.g., parenting, financial self-management) and the extent to which it is right for schools to defer to parental preferences regarding these matters

  • the moral rights of school students to privacy, to freedom of expression, to freedom of association

  • the rights and obligations of teachers with respect to abusive or violent children

  • should schools cultivate the virtues needed to sustain a democratic society, and if so, what are they and how is this best done given the other values schools should realize and pursue

  • ethical considerations in college admissions and enrollment

We emphasize that this list is illustrative and not exhaustive.

Society for the Philosophical Study of Education CFP

The SPSE 2018 Program Committee invites philosophically oriented papers related to education in the widest sense for presentation at its Annual Meeting. Deadline for submission is 01 OCTOBER 2018. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • educational history and philosophy
  • critical theories and pedagogies
  • philosophies of teaching, learning and knowing
  • non-western philosophies of education
  • educational reform in theory and practice
  • social (re)construction and education
  • technology and education
  • evidence and assessment
  • disciplines and disciplinarity

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Job Posting - University of Kentucky

The Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky is inviting applications for a tenure-track associate professor position in Philosophy of Education. The appointment is a nine-month appointment, effective August 16, 2018.

Candidates should be prepared to contribute to public policy debates around local, state, national, and international educational issues in equity, access, effectiveness and of P-20 education. Candidates should be able to work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment to study the multiple contexts and competing interests represented in such critical arenas as ethics; educational policy formation; curriculum development and implementation; school reform; and education in social and cultural context. More info here:[IDX]=108118-CU180620m-8e&oid=1269752


PESNA is excited to announce that it will be formally changing its name to the North American Association for Philosophy and Education (NAAPE) in October 2018. We believe this change better reflects our organization’s mission to bring scholars in areas of philosophy such as ethics, political philosophy and epistemology together with philosophers of education and educational practitioners to reflect on questions central to the theory and practice of education. The name change will be announced at the conclusion of PESNA 2018 this coming October.

We look forward to seeing you there! For more information about our conference, see our conference site and registration page.

Job Posting - Boston College

The Lynch School of Education at Boston College has announced an open rank search for two tenured or tenure track colleagues to be appointed to one of our four departments. They are seeking colleagues whose scholarship focuses on a broad vision of education and human development that emphasizes the development of meaningful and purposeful lives and encompasses the transformation of the whole person in social context – including ethical, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and interpersonal dimensions. For more information, see this attachment